Bringing the future of Financial Audit

Machine Learning

indagia is a company providing a machine learning based SaaS to financial auditors with a simple goal: to enable audit firms provide an more efficient audit experience.

Cost Reduction

indagia has developed an integrated solution that enables auditors perform audit procedures three times faster while reducing the costs of an audit by 60%!


Our Robotic Process Automation model (RPA) can review and test up to 100% of the balances unbiasedly while meeting the required standards (ISA, PS, IFRS, SCO, & US GAAP).

indagia Expense Auditor

For Internal Audits and Controlling

With the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, indagia can audit dozens of invoices in minutes,  providing a clear picture if the amounts and contents match the procurement order and the accounting records. 

Our solution is very easy to implement and it works with all major accounting software providers!

Thanks indagia Expense Auditor you can lower lower audit and review costs by up to 70%!

indagia Financial Auditor

For External Audits and CPAs

Performs analysis, generate visualization and tests across a broad range of financial data sets automatically!

Our system flags and performs an analysis of transactions posing the greatest risk of material misstatement, reviewing not 10% but 100% of the accounts.

Throughout the process, audit documentation is automatically generated!

Your Benefits

Better Audits

With indagia you can audit better and faster by getting deep insights of the accounts.

Data Analytics & KPIs

You will love our data analytics and visualizations!
Everything out of the box!

Higher Margins

With indagia you are able to perform more and better audits. More profit with lower costs!

Lower IT Costs

indagia offers true automation of audit work without extra costs for infrastructure.

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Data Analysis
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Faster than Traditional Audits

Easy to use without extra costs

Financial Audit 4.0

Indagia offers a Software as a Service with the following features:

Machine Learning
Automatic Risk Assessment
Data Analytics and Visualizations
Automatic Exchange of Client Documents
Compliance and Documentation
Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence
Suggestion of Audit Procedures
Intelligent bot for a better Audit
Journal Entries Testing
Strict Data Protection as required by EU/CH


Webinar - automated invoice capture


- Management -

Hans Bühler
Founder & co-CEO

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting (FHNW),

Certified Public Accountant (ACCA)

RAB-Nr. (CH): 111357 

Wide experience in audit and assurance by auditing large companies in Switzerland and abroad (Deloitte and PWC)

Experienced in fintech consulting and in strategic advisory (Capco)

Customer and detail oriented working style

Henry Bühler
Founder & co-CEO

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Controlling (BFH), 

Certified Public Accountant

RAB-Nr. (CH): 112183

Expert in ICS and in swiss statutory audit and swiss standards (Deloitte)

Experienced in financial controlling at group level and in M&A, as well as in external debt refinancing (Selecta)

Holistic thinking with an analytical problem solving approach

Antonio Vallejos

Director & Founder of indagia Peru

Rodrigo Roman

Chief Commercial Officer

Juan Francisco Madico

Chief Strategy Officer

- Staff -

Jordi Feliubadalo

Chief Front-End Developer

Ankelly Tejada

Project Manager

Alfonso Olavarria

Full-Stack Developer

Luis García

Front-End Developer

Jhonny Neciosup

Integration Developer

Efrenoscar Arnaude

Full-Stack Developer