02. DECEMBER 2019

indagia is recommended as an innovative solution by the German Chamber of Auditors

indagia was recommended by the German Chamber of Public Accountants as an innovative solution for auditing. We are pleased that a large and well-respected institution is working with indagia to improve the future of auditing and bookkeeping.


05. APRIL 2019

Meet indi bot, your new audit assitant!

Meet indi, your new audit assistant! indi knows IFRS and the audit standards by heart. Don’t worry if you don’t know the current status of your audit engagement or if you want to upload files to another engagement with your sign off. indi knows everything, and will get the audit evidence for you too!

15. FEBRUARY 2019

indagia launches Expense Auditor

With the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, indagia can audit dozens of invoices in minutes, providing a clear picture if the amounts and contents match the procurement order and the accounting records, lowering audit and review costs by up to 70%!

29. JANUARY 2019

indagia and Microsoft in Zürich!

Together with Microsoft, indagia will show how organizations can optimize their legal and compliance work with RPA and ML. We will discuss real-life cases on how indagia's technology is helping KMUs become more efficient and accurate with their financial audits. Join us at the Microsoft Pop-up Store on 29. January from 8.00 to 12.30.

03. DECEMBER 2018

The Swiss Regtech landscape at a glance

Swisscom has published a map of the Swiss Regtech start-ups. Over the next few years, Regtech sales are expected to more than triple worldwide. Because fintech companies are struggling with ever-changing regulations, the need for Regtech solutions is increasing. Indagia, for example, uses artificial intelligence to optimize the efficiency and accuracy of financial audits.


29. NOVEMBER 2018

indagia in Schwyz current of the office for economics

The startup relies on artificial intelligence, automation and cloud computing. The software solution is aimed at small and medium-sized auditing companies and supports them with automated risk assessments and comprehensive audit of the journal, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The start-up benefits from coaching by Innosuisse


23. NOVEMBER 2018

RegTech Article from Fintechnews

RegTech is a shorthand for regulatory tech, a subset of fintech that focuses on technologies that could help facilitate the delivery of regulatory requirements in a comprehensive and cost-effective way.


15. NOVEMBER 2018

indagia @ Swiss Cloud Innovation Breakfast from Oracle

Thanks to our speakers Hans Bühler and Oliver Lutz for sharing business approaches to market disruption and the creation of new business models, using emerging technology and platforms.


30. SEPTEMBER 2018

indagia is part of the RegTech Map from Swisscom

RegTech Switzerland #Startup Map August 2018: Welcome indagia!


18. SEPTEMBER 2018

Portrait of Henry Bühler - CEO of indagia AG

Before Henry Bühler founded his own company with his brother, the former student of Business Administration worked in auditing. His company indagia AG develops software for auditors, which automates various tasks. Learn more in the interview.


24. AUGUST 2018

Artificial intelligence for auditing

With a software solution based on algorithms and machine learning, a graduate of the University of Applied Sciences FHNW wants to support small and medium-sized auditing companies.


17. AUGUST 2018

A Schwyzer start-up competes against the Big Four

Indagia has developed a solution for automatic auditing. The start-up relies on AI, automation and the cloud. It wants to strengthen smaller auditing companies in the competition with the global players.


13. AUGUST 2018

RegTech Startup digitizes the audit

The Schwyzer startup indagia has developed a software for auditing and auditing based on artificial intelligence, which automates various auditing processes. Indagia's aim is to help small and medium-sized audit firms achieve greater efficiency and better opportunities against big competitors.