News integration with bexio

Automated entry and posting of your receipts and receipts - now with all relevant data of your receipts are extracted from bexio and automatically posted! Discover and much more in our App Marketplace!

indagia 01.05.2020

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Bexio 06.02.2020

Easy export for Bexio & Co!

We are proud to integrate our new real-time export functionality to bexio.

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Accounting 13.04.2020

Artificial intelligence for business

Artificial Intelligence and its benefits in the financial sector

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Innovation 13.08.2018

RegTech Startup digitizes the audit

The Schwyzer startup indagia has developed a software for auditing and auditing based on artificial intelligence, which automates various auditing processes. Indagia's aim is to help small and medium-sized audit firms achieve greater efficiency and better opportunities against big competitors.


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Social Responsability 26.12.2019

Merry Christmas with love!

We all have a social responsibility purpose irrespectively of our size, origin and industry

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