The world's first and only fully integrated platform powered by AI!

  1. Vision

    The Bühler brothers decided to bring financial audit to the future. Indagia was born!

  2. First algorithms and back interface

    indagia CLI

    indagia starts to develop the first audit algorithms and back interface.

  3. Innosuisse promotion

    indagia is sponsored by the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse), as an innovative solution for audit and accounting.

  4. Foundation of indagia AG

    indagia AG was founded officially as joint-stock company in Freienbach SZ, Switzerland!

  5. Central Switzerland innovation

    indagia is finalist of the Central Switzerland innovation contest 2018!

  6. indagia founded a new subsidiary!


    indagia founded a new subsidiary 'blueAUDIT GmbH' in order to offer direct services to companies.

  7. First version of indagia Financial Auditor released!

    indagia Financial Auditor

    First version with Limited Statutory Audit is released!

  8. First automated financials audits in the world!

    The first 5 fully automated statutory audits in the world were successfully performed!

  9. Second version with Full Audit support released!

    Review as PS 910 and Full Audit are supported!

  10. indagia launches Treuhand.ai!

    indagia launches Treuhand.ai, a software for automatic extractions of invoice data with OCR.

  11. "indagia launches indi bot, a virtual audit assistant!

    indagia indi bot

    indagia launches indi bot, a virtual audit assistant in order to help our clients to find the right information.

  12. The German Chambers of Auditors recommends indagia!

    WPK Logo

    The German Chambers of Auditors recommends indagia for auditors and accountants.

  13. indagia launches Spesen.ai with bexio

    bexio Logo

    With spesen.ai you can capture all the data of your receipt and invoice from Bexio in less than 5 seconds and book them automatically!.