indagia's Timeline

The Bühler brothers decided to bring financial audit to the future. Indagia was born!

October 2017

indagia starts to develop audit algorithms.

November 2017

indagia is sponsored by the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse).

May 2018

indagia AG was founded in Freienbach SZ!

July 2018

indagia is finalist of the Central Switzerland innovation contest 2018!

July 2018

indagia founded a new subsidiary!

September 2018

First version with Limited Statutory Audit is released!

October 2018

The first 5 fully automated statutory audits in the world were successfully performed!

October 2018

Review as PS 910 and Full Audit are supported!

December 2018

indagia launches Expense Auditor.

February 2019

indagia launches indi bot, a virtual audit assistant.

April 2019