indagia Expense Auditor

Automated Invoice Capture

Audit 100% of your bills and expenses in seconds!

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Audit 100% of your expenses in minutes!

Our solution is very easy to implement and it works with all major accounting software providers!

100% instead of 10%​

Indagia's expense auditor flags and reviews not 10% but 100% of the invoices. Throughout the process, audit standards and AI fraud detection are applied.


Indagia's expense auditor can read multiple languages* giving the flexibility to audit any kind of invoices and receipts.

Multi-vendor solution

Indagia's expense auditor is very easy to implement and works with all major accounting software providers (e.g. Abacus, Banana, Bexio, Navision, Sage, SAP and more).

What can indagia’s expense auditor detect?​

Duplicate expense claims and invoices
Mismatches with the accounting system or expense report
Payment term violations
Out-of-policy spend
expense auditor allocator
Extract invoices data and match the details 5x faster!*
Compatible with any type of format (e.g. pdf, jpg, png, docx, xlsx)
Easy to implement and compatible with all major accounting software providers
Easy integration with your Treuhand

Data security and processing


We work with a leading cloud providers to ensure higher standards of data security (ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, DSGVO).


All data is processed where the customer is located in order to comply with applicable local laws. The data storage and processing takes place:


  • Zürich for CH clients
  • Frankfurt for DE/AT clients
  • Iowa for Latam/US clients
  • Upload invoices and receipts

    indagia Expense Auditor File upload

    Process and extract captured documents

    indagia Expense Auditor Invoice Extract

    Bank Reconciliations

    indagia Expense Auditor Bank Reconciliations

    Analyze bills and invoices

    indagia Expense Auditor Analyze

    Export list and files

    indagia Expense Auditor Export

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