Automated Invoice Capture



Reconcile your credit cards with invoices!

Automatic reconciliation of credit cards with invoices, without setups!

Fast processing of your invoices!

Extract invoices data and match the details 5x faster!

Up to 70% lower costs!

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We work with your Treuhand!

Easy integration with your Treuhand. You can submit all your invoices directly and start saving now!

Data security and processing


We work with a leading cloud providers to ensure higher standards of data security (ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, DSGVO).


All data is processed where the customer is located in order to comply with applicable local laws. The data storage and processing takes place: CH


  • Zürich for CH clients
  • Frankfurt for DE/AT clients
  • Iowa for Latam/US clients
  • With spesen.ai you can capture all the data of your receipt and invoice in less than 5 seconds and book them automatically!

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