Automated Invoice Capture

With you can capture all the data of your receipt and invoice from Bexio in less than 5 seconds and book them automatically!.

Fast processing of your invoices!

Extract invoices data and match the details 5x faster!

Reconcile your credit cards with invoices!

Automatic reconciliation of credit cards with invoices, without setups!

Made by auditors for you!

SPESEN.AI was developed by auditors, and with us you will get more accurate results and reconciliations.

Hosted and made in Switzerland

All your data is processed and saved in Switzerland with the highest standards. allocator
Up to 70% lower costs!

Save up to 70% of your current costs! For more information click here

Integrated with bexio!!

Invoices are booked directly in your accounting system in less 10 seconds and at 1/3 of the costs!

We work with your Treuhand!

Easy integration with your Treuhand. You can submit all your invoices directly and start saving now!

We will not track your mileages

Other market solutions will track your movements and mileages. We protect allways your privacy!

Subscription plans

Flexible billing and fair prices for everyone!

We billed you monthly based on your plan. You can upgrade and downgrade your plan at anytime.

Treuhand X-Small

Unlimited Invoices*

Max Companies 4

CHF 79
Treuhand Small

Unlimited Invoices*

Max Companies 19

CHF 139
Treuhand Medium

Unlimited Invoices*

Max Companies 49

CHF 189
Treuhand Large

Unlimited Invoices*

Max Companies 99

CHF 249
Treuhand X-Large

Unlimited Invoices*

Max Companies +100

CHF 319
*exkl. MWST / Yearly (Monthly +15%)

How does it works?

1. Upload the invoices in bexio

You and your customers send the invoice to your bexio inbox. It can be done via e-mail or by uploading the invoice in bexio directly.

2. Go to indagia

At indagia you will see the list of all invoices that are in your bexio inbox. You can decide which invoice you want to extract and reconcile.

3. Extract the data of your invoices

Now you can start the extraction of the invoices, without typing anything! By the end you will have a list with dates, vat-numbers and amounts!

4. Automatic reconciliation and auto-booking

indagia will reconcile the invoices with each line of your credit card statement. At the same time, indagia will propose the accounts, where you can book each invoice. It is just magic!

5. Upload your creditcard statements in indagia

Now is time to upload your creditcard statements. Don't worry about the bank, we support all formats from all banks. Each line will be extracted!

6. Review and export to bexio

After the reconciliation, you will be able to review all proposed bookings that indagia will performe in bexio. After the export you will see the booking lines with the attached invoice. Now you saved a lot of work!

Data security and processing


We work with a leading cloud providers to ensure higher standards of data security (ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, DSGVO).


All data is processed where the customer is located in order to comply with applicable local laws. The data storage and processing takes place: CH


  • Zürich for CH clients
  • Frankfurt for DE/AT clients
  • Iowa for Latam/US clients
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