News - Merry Christmas with love!

Merry Christmas with love!

We all have a social responsibility purpose irrespectively of our size, origin and industry. We believe that technology and automation can bring broad benefit to everyone and not the few. At indagia, we are proud to contribute to future generations by giving them a bit of happiness. We have set the foundations for a new coding community which will create a new type of professionals.

Step by step our side project will grow thanks to our efforts to help automate time-consuming audit and accounting tasks. Special thanks to all our customers and contributors for this amazing year. We have achieved many incredible things while setting a new benchmark in audit and accounting. Next year will come with more surprises and exciting partnerships which will keep shaping the audit and accounting market and obviously bring the much needed simplicity and efficiency to KMUs. We wish everyone happy holidays and a good start in 2020.

indagia 26.12.2019


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