Meet indi bot, your new audit assitant!

Meet indi, your new audit assistant! indi knows IFRS and the audit standards by heart. Don’t worry if you don’t know the current status of your audit engagement or if you want to upload files to another engagement with your sign off. indi knows everything, and will get the audit evidence for you too!

indagia 05.04.2019

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WPK 02.12.2019

indagia is recommended as an innovative solution by the German Chamber of Auditors

indagia was recommended by the German Chamber of Public Accountants as an innovative solution for auditing. We are pleased that a large and well-respected institution is working with indagia to improve the future of auditing and bookkeeping.


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Innovation 14.05.2020

AI is Accelerating the Growth of FinTech Companies

A customer-centric approach, real-time data integration, cost optimization, and advanced security are those topmost needs of the present times financial sector which is emulating the business dynamics of FinTech companies.

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Bexio 17.04.2020

Launch SPESEN.AI for bexio

Today we launched our SPESEN.AI together with bexio and we are proud about the high demand!

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